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Footless tights for men

Meggings are tights that won't cover your feet - they are footless tights. The word meggings comes from men's leggings. We are selling meggings made by the high-end Italian brand, Emilio Cavallini and the Polish brand Adrian. The material is the same as of the Mantyhose: soft, luxurious textile that hugs your legs with mild compression. These meggings are made of a thick yarn, which makes them strong and durable. They have a comfortable boxer brief sewn it, and you might wear them with or without other underwear.

Tips on wearing meggings:

- Wear them under long trousers to save yourself from cold
- Wear them with shorts for outdoor activities: riding your bike or running, hiking.
- Wear them with shorts for indoor sport activities.

They are very much like sport tights, with the difference that the meggings are made of a softer material that feels better to wear.