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All of the following testimonials are from actual unsolicited correspondence and are here reprinted with each writer's permission.


I've had a couple pair of Thermafabric thigh highs (A1009) I purchased that I've never worn on a long hikes or walks. I was always a little skeptical about the stay up power. Boy, was I wrong. I finally went for it this past weekend during the first cold weather of the season. I usually hike/walk a some significant miles totaling about three hours. Not only did these hose stay up the whole time, they provided great warmth and comfort. Warmth that was a different caliber from store bought tights/hose where you can always feel a bit of the cold chill on the surface. Very nice. I was greatly impressed and will use these as my preferred extra layer this winter. Thank you G. Lieberman & Sons for providing a great product!

-Bill D., New Jersey


I am on my feet, or sitting a lot at work, and I have had problems with restless leg syndrome. Since I have started wearing your products, my legs feel more rested and less jumpy. I find your legwear to be very comfortable, they feel great under long pants and they actually invigorate my legs during the course of a day. You have found another loyal customer and I will spread the word! Thank you much.

-S.K., New Bedford, MA

At night while sleeping, my wife noticed I had restless legs. In your newsletter, Activskin is recommended for calming “restless legs.” So, I wore some of my Activskin pantyhose while sleeping. My wife reports significantly reduced leg movements. I have become very accustomed to wearing the pantyhose while I sleep, especially the "hi-glide" support style A577. I also wear Activskin when flying for business.

-Gene N., San Luis Obispo, CA

I have been waking up at night with severe leg cramps causing me to jump out of bed to walk off the cramps. My lower legs are always cold and I wear my bike tights with knee-high stockings that provide some improvement. I searched the Internet to check on various types of leggings, and thankfully came across the website. I slept with my new A577s. I'm now sleeping through the night and haven't had any leg cramps. The pantyhose provide warmth and comfort beyond my expectations. My next order will be for the A560 sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose.

-James B., Enfield, CT

I have an idea for your company. Put out a newsletter or advertisement for people who have Ichthyosis. I have it and keeping the legs warm helps reduce the dryness of the skin. Let me know how you make out.

-Pat G., Pottstown, PA


The five pairs of A866 full-support, footed tights arrived in good order. I couldn't wait to try on a new pair! The new ones were a bit tighter around the waist than previous pairs, but the fit was perfect. The fly seemed to be located a little lower and thus in the exact right place. I guess these differences are due to an overall improvement of the waist and product/s in general. [You are correct. - Ed.] The comfort is outstanding and I'm well pleased. Thank you to all at GLS.

-Ray M., Invercargill, New Zealand

 I just purchased a pair of your Thermofabric™ tights with fly. I had to write because I have been wearing women's tights mostly and the major problem was the fit and no fly. I am a tattoo artist and I like being warm enough but not too warm. I detest the bunching up of the regular long johns. I am wearing your tights now and they are so comfortable and non-binding under my jeans. Thank you so much for the great service and fantastic product!

-Gregory M., Woodland Park, CO


We had a bad storm and one of my drive-thru coffee shop menu boards blew over. When my contractor came to repair it, I helped him stand it up and move it to the side. When I did, my leg caught the corner of the steel post. I looked down and wearing shorts as usual, saw blood on my leg and on my A582 hose! I went inside, grabbed a wet paper towel and was VERY surprised as I dabbed the blood away. I expected to see a nice tear in my hose, but there was nothing, no hole, no tear, no rip, nothing! The only problem I had was trying to get my leg to stop bleeding. Just an observation, but I would say the 582s are very durable--at least more durable than my skin!

-Steve P., Taylors, SC

 Years ago I bought two pairs of your Activskin thigh high, opaque stockings in white and black. They are really great and very durable. I'm still wearing them! I have had to darn the toes a few times. They do mend very well and the stitching holds nicely to the fabric. If they ever give out I'll be knocking!

-Bill L., Skowhegan, ME

I received my order yesterday. Thank you. Your sheer pantyhose A599 is very comfortable and just fits me, I'm very satisfied. The advertisement on your website "Once you put these on, the word unbelievable will come to mind, and you just won’t want to take them off!" is right! Your product is so strong and doesn't run. Thanks a lot!

-M.Y., Tokyo, Japan

The quality is definitely outstanding. Our big dog jumped on me by surprise the other day and scratched my leg. I thought for sure that pair was ripped, and to my astonishment I had a big red scratch on my leg but not a tear, hole, or even a mark in that pair of A560s. OUTSTANDING!!!!! Thanks again.

-Kraig W., Chisholm, MN


 Hello, Steve. I'm a customer of yours and I have just placed an order with your company for five more pairs of your support pantyhose, which I love. Two years ago I was in pain in both of my legs. They were killing me after long hours on the job. Then I found Activskin and I feel so much better now. I can get through the day with out the pain in my legs. Keep up the great work!

-Gustav G., San Marcos, CA

I have been a long time customer and have many different styles in my collection. They are all great and the quality is perfect. I was experiencing pain in the calves of both legs to the point where I was taking prescription meds for the pain. I decided to try the hose with extra compression, thinking that standing on concrete might be the cause. After wearing the support hose every day, I found that the pain becoming less and less. Now, the pain is gone. When I return to regular socks, the pain returns. Doesn't take a Ph.D. to figure out what helped. Your products are perfect, do the job and aren’t duplicated anywhere. You have no competition for quality or price. Thank you for no more leg pain.

-Fred R., Cincinnati, OH

I am a long time customer and have always been very happy with your products, service and price. Your support pantyhose have been very beneficial in helping provide support after a sclerotherapy procedure, and I wear them anytime I get on the treadmill or bicycle.

 -Bill B., Temple City, CA

I want to thank you again for recommending the A560s to me. The compression is great for the long hours I put in everyday in my work truck, helping very well with the varicose veins. I even am able to work the long hours, come home and help my wife with some chores at home, and play with the kids a bit before bedtime. Thanks again.

-Kraig W., Chisholm, MN

I am a barber, on my feet, five days a week, with much leg strain by day's end. My doctor told me, the brown skin-discoloration around my lower legs was from small ruptured blood vessels and I had to put up with it. I ordered styles A577 and A2019 from your Ebay site. Recently while getting dressed, my wife told me to look at my legs. They were slowly clearing up. I don't get the leg strain or tiredness that I did and my back feels better, too. Now I pass the word about men’s legwear and what it has done for me. Thank you for being there.

-Danny G., Zanesville, OH

I have circulation problems and varicose veins in my legs. For about the last five years, I have been wearing women's support nylons for some help with the problems. Yesterday was my first day of wearing Activskin to work, and my legs felt great. I didn't feel or notice any discomfort until really late in my day. Thank you so much for making such wonderful and high quality support legwear for men.

-Michael L., Kissimmee, FL

I have been ordering tights from G. Lieberman since 1999. I have always received excellent service and shipping. I have poor circulation and varicose veins on my lower left leg. The 4012s are my favorite and provide excellent support for my ankles and lower legs.

-George T., Northeastern Tennessee


I have to say that your A549s are THE most comfortable hose I have ever worn! The package says 87% nylon and 13% spandex, making them durable, soft and comfortable all at the same time. If the other manufacturers followed your lead, there would be more women wearing hose these days. You are doing a great job and I sure hope you will continue making hose long into the future.

Ernie J., Edmonton, AB

I've been a Activskin customer since 2001. Your products are a dream come true! I recently found an outstanding combination: Wearing a pair of A549s with a pair of A869/879 tights or A1009 stockings over them provides an amazing amount of insulation when wet. I have found no "long johns" with the same wet-insulation properties, and your products are much less expensive, easier to care for, dry much, much faster and are far more suitable for indoor/outdoor wear. Of course they feel nicer too, especially by day's end.

J.F., Cornwall, NY

My summer hobby, cricket umpire, involves standing in the sun for up to five hours adjudicating. I have suffered chafing, hot feet and tired heavy legs wearing traditional undergarments under my uniform. This year I thought, “I am going to wear the good old reliable 569s...” Well, the crowning glory was Saturday -- 95 degrees in the shade, five hours in the sun. At the end of the day my feet were dry, my legs weren’t aching and there was not an itch to be felt. I felt great! . These products, the 569s in particular, are a godsend and are now an integral part of my uniform.

-Graeme L., Melbourne, Australia

The A2019s are awesome! They feel great, nice compression and the way my shorts slide over them gives a messaging effect. Activskin legwear is great for my constantly hurting legs.

-Rob M., SW Michigan

I had to try out the A677s. WOW!!! I cannot describe how fantastic they felt! Throughout the day, they kept my legs warm outside (it was cold and I had pants on). When the family and I went out on a long errand, they were complaining about tired legs and I was ready for another mile! These pantyhose are a dream! You now have a loyal customer for life. I just ordered my second batch of A677s and your black tights. Thank you for such wonderful service!

-Rob S., Richmond, VA

Today I received my first order of ACTIVSKIN legwear. I ordered a few different products with the Intent of "testing the waters." I ordered two pairs of A1730, two pairs of A677s. I ride motorcycles and I am always on the hunt for quality legwear that will provide comfort and protection from the cold and heat. All I can say is WOW!!! Thank you for making such wonderful products. I WILL be placing more orders and trying other styles of your legwear.

-David M., Jacksonville, FL

I would like to praise your company. I just recently bought a pair of Microfabric™ Full Support Hi-Glide™ Men's Sheer Pantyhose A2019. What a surprise! I haven't experienced such quality and support in years. I am 38 and I have worn pantyhose since I was 12. Unfortunately, I have been a paraplegic for the past three years and as a result of sitting in my wheelchair, I often notice my legs swell. The support your hose provides really controls the swelling. I am proud to wear hose that make me feel this good. Living in Florida, I mostly wear shorts, and I don't mind people looking at my legs in hose. I wish you the best and look forward to being a life long customer! Thanks so much.

-Rob S., Orlando, FL

The 4012s provide excellent support for my ankles and lower legs. The vertical stripe of the tights mimic socks allowing me to wear them with my khakis to work.The not too tight supportive brief allows me to wear them without underwear. The 4012s and all of your legwear products provide the convenience of having socks and underwear all in one garment.

-George T., Northeastern Tennessee


Today my wife and I were dressing for a wedding and she got a run in her hose. I truly enjoy Activskin products' quality and overall feel so I jokingly suggested she try a pair of mine. Once she had mine on, she laughed and was surprised at how nice they felt sliding on. She wore them all day. She informed me that I wasn't getting those A1760s back! In the future, we will be doubling our orders! LOL Thank you for a truly fine product.

-Richard H., Hamilton, OH

I have always enjoyed wearing pantyhose and my wife has always been supportive. My wife even prefers some styles of your hosiery to some of the women’s brands. I often order for both of us. Keep up the great work and I look forward to buying more of your hosiery in the future.

-Bill B., Temple City, CA

I travel all the time for work and I've been complimented many times on my hose when going shoeless through security or on planes. I have been asked by women (who tend to notice such things) where they can get them for their spouse/significant other. I give them your website, of course! Let me know if you ever need someone to help endorse actual use of your products. "I'm a fan," as they say. Keep up the good work!

-John G., San Francisco, CA

My wife commented that "stockings" were the most expensive article of women's wear due to frequent replacement. She asked me about Activskin costs and quality. I told her G. Lieberman “stockings” cost the same as "high-end" legwear but lasted longer and felt better--though they are designed for men. I ordered her some of your legwear. She has nice legs so I explained it was an investment with a great rate of return.

-Michael E., Anchorage, AK


I have enjoyed wearing Activskin products for over 7 years, my entire history of wearing legwear! Not only are the products physical benefits superior, the customer service is superb. G. Lieberman and Sons’ staff is not only devoted to selling a great product, but they are directly involved in a "ministry" to guys who need a psychological boost to accept the fact that it is OK for guys to wear nylon legwear for health, comfort, and fashion! Their care about the mental well-being of their customers is an unexpected bonus. Read just a sample of these testimonials, and you will see what I mean. The customer is ALWAYS right at

-Mickey S., Missoula, MT

Steve, I received my hose today. Thank you so much for them. Today I put on Style A2019: Microfabric Full Support Hi-Glide Men's Sheer Pantyhose in beige. They are very comfortable and for the first time ever I had the courage to put on a pair of shorts and go out into public. I was surprised no one even noticed I was wearing hose. I feel a lot better about wearing hose in public now that they're for men. I am so glad that your company makes hose for men and they fit this man well. Thank you so much. I will continue to buy all of my hose from you and I will recommend your web site to every guy I find who wants to wear hose. Thanks again. Customer for life,

-James C., Lenoir, NC

Confidence is sexy, no matter what you are wearing.

-Melissa M., Glens Fork, KY


Thank you for continuing to produce high-quality innovative products and providing excellent service. I really enjoy wearing your A308 Microfabric Sheer Bodystocking for men. Activskin/Comfilon has been superior in quality. The fit and construction are excellent and I am planning to purchase more in the near future.

-Larry H., Santa Rosa, CA


I swear the keys on my computer I still warm from me placing an order with your company, then the doorbell rings. Yes, the order has arrived already. I was so pleasantly surprised by the color, quality and appeal of the foot covers. They are perfect for use in Florida, we are more often in sandals then we are in shoes. Thank you for reminding me of what a great company you are.

-John F., Sarasota, FL

I received the socks/footsies and wore a pair of the A83 Thermofabric™ Foot Covers with my Vans slip-ons yesterday in the extreme Australian summer heat. No ugly "sock look" - only the cool "barefoot look" with the comfort of sweat absorption. They are awesome. Thanks heaps!

-Dave V., Australia

I purchased two pairs of the A2100 Thermofabric Patterned Support Socks in black. I wasn't sure what to expect. My regular mid-calf men's socks always slid down. Well, not only do the Activskin socks stay up, they feel fantastic. Now I wear them anytime I know I'm going to be doing more than an average amount of walking in a day because my legs do not end up feeling as tired as they usually do when I wear regular socks. I really, really like them and will be purchasing more in the future.

-Jeffrey H., Redmond, WA


My order arrived today. Thanks for the great products and first class service.

-Michael E., Anchorage, AK

I get all the stuff I need on a very timely basis! I really like dealing with Steve and the G. Lieberman & Sons company.

-Rob M., SW Michigan

Thank you, your customer service is exceptional! It's what I would call good old fashion American made quality care. Thank you so much for making such wonderful and high quality support legwear for men.

-Michael L., Kissimmee, FL

I've received nothing but stellar customer service from G. Lieberman & Sons and will be recommending you to friends. I even show my socks to friends who put down "mantyhose" and say, "Try them. Then tell me mantyhose are silly."

-Jeffrey H., Redmond, WA


You have a great masculine product. They are by far the best male pantyhose on the market today. You have taken men’s pantyhose to a new level. Ultra sheers are the way forward!

Carl M., United Kingdom

I have been a long time customer with you. Your product line is the best men's pantyhose I have ever encountered. Women's are cut differently and just don't fit right. Thanks much.

-Jay J., Blue Bell, PA

I would like to express how thrilled I am to find a company that manufactures tights and pantyhose just for men. I have been wearing tights and leggings now for 40 years! I am so pleased with your products, the ultra comfort and selection that I just placed a second large order today. I hope to be enjoying these products for a long time to come.

 -Terry N., Whitby, ON, Canada

Just wanted to let you know how much I love the pantyhose I recently ordered from your G. Lieberman & Sons site. They are without a doubt the best pantyhose I have ever owned! I just wanted to say thanks for the product and let you know that you definitely have another dedicated customer here. In fact, I've already placed my second order!

-Michael M., Orlando, FL

G. Lieberman quote, "Once you put these on, the word 'unbelievable!' will come to mind, and you just won’t want to take them off! They’re THAT good...truly superb!" When I've read these words about A599, I thought it's just the usual overstatements we get used to in advertising. But it's true! This product is really the best! Congratulations, and thanks.

-Gabriel S., Hungary


I want to take this opportunity to thank you. I am in the military and discovered your A849 tights. I recently was tasked on a funeral detail and wore the A849s under my uniform. Throughout the entire ceremony of standing at attention and marching, I found the A849 tights to be extremely comfortable. Moreover, I find the fly opening very convenient. I wish you had a government contract so the military would issue your tights instead of those lousy nylon socks! Thanks again for a terrific product!

K.C., California