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Shipping Costs

The following charges for shipping and handling are in U.S. dollars:
Up to $30.00 $7.85 $25 $45 $32
$30.01-$100.00 $0 $30 $65 $35
$100.01-$200.00 $0 $35 $85 $40
$200.01-$300.00 $0 $40 $105 $50


*Orders to Mexico can be shipped only by Express Mail. In the past, orders shipped by Priority Mail almost always got lost or stolen, even though they were insured.

Once an order is placed, we do our best to ship it the following business day (subject to credit card or PayPal approval). Orders paid by bank check (no personal checks, please) are usually shipped the next business day after receipt of the payment.

All orders are shipped by U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail. Delivery in the U.S. usually takes two days but is not guaranteed. Orders greater than $100.00 will include postal insurance, which may require a signature and possibly a form of identification upon delivery. Note: Due to the minimal price difference between standard first-class mail and priority mail, all orders are shipped by priority mail. This simplifies the ordering process and helps ensure speedy delivery.

Shipping outside the U.S. is also by Priority Mail, and can take anywhere from 5 to 14 days, depending on the destination. Orders may include insurance at our discretion. Customers are responsible for payment of any customs or import fees and taxes. The regulations are different in every country, so it is up to the customer to follow them appropriately.

We sometimes get asked to expedite shipping. More often than not it's a disappointing experience. A number of times we've sent packages by Express Mail and found it gets there at the same time Priority Mail would have arrived. Express Mail does not mean overnight delivery. The Postal Service does not guaranteed overnight delivery any more. Use of Fedex and UPS is very cumbersome for us, and very expensive for the customer, so we don't even go there. We wish we could offer expedited service at a reasonable fee, but it's not possible for a small firm like ours.

If you have any questions regarding shipping and handling, please click on Customer Support above and select Contact Us.