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Payment Methods

PLEASE NOTE: All orders must be entered using English language characters. We do not have the capability of processing orders in other languages yet. If you enter non-English characters, it will delay your order while we contact you to request that you re-enter the order in English. Thank you for your cooperation.

Credit Cards

We can process your orders safely and quickly with your credit or debit cards that can be used as credit (without PINS)

We accept


Visa, Mastercard, and Discover/Novus. Select this option for fastest service. Your statement will show a purchase from G. Lieberman & Sons, Ltd. We use a secure logo-truste.gifthird party Payment Card Info (PCI) processing service (PayPal) which handles our on-line credit card transactions in a private manner. We never see your credit card number or approvals/disapprovals at our store. Please address any concerns regarding card acceptance or issues to our Customer Support Contact Us Page. The payment card processor's decision is final, but we will try our best to make sure things get resolved fast. If you prefer we can accomodate other ordering methods:

How to Order Without a Credit Card

We are happy to accept orders from those who don't have credit/debit cards. There are three ways to do this, and C.O.D. is not one of them! Barter isn't either. And sorry, we do not take personal checks.

1. PayPal

Official PayPal Seal

We have a PayPal account at and you can pay us by that method if you prefer. Simply select Paypal from the choices listed, and complete your order. The system will take you to PayPal and you can complete your payment to us.


2. Gift Certificates   Our new site includes gift certificates. This is great way for family members or friends to use for up to $1000.00. We accept either credit cards or bank checks for funding the Certificate which can be redeemed only by the designated recipient.  You must know their e-mail address and confirm it before using that system. 

3. Bank Check (Cheque)

First sign in to your account or register for a new one using the menu. Make sure you enter a correct e-mail address and you are on a computer where you can send and receive from that e-mail address. Complete your order via our web site but instead of using a credit card at checkout, choose Cheque as your payment option. As soon as you submit, you will receive an email of that invoice noting that the order is being placed on hold awaiting payment.  Print a copy of that email for your records. Note the order number and amount.  We need the order number to syncronize it at our Shipping Department.

Go to a bank and get them to make a cheque to us, made payable to "G. Lieberman & Sons, Ltd." for the total amount in U.S. Dollars. We'd love to be able to take your local currency, but we have a deal with our bank: we don't exchange currency and they don't make tights! So make it in U.S. Dollars, please. Also attach a copy of the invoice or enter the invoice number on the bank cheque memo field.

Mail the cheque and copy of the invoice to:

G. Liebermans & Sons, Ltd.
P.O. Box 193
Granville, Ohio 43023 USA

As soon as the Bank Cheque is cleared, we will process your order for immediate shipment.

If you live in the U.S., we will also accept a postal money order, which can be purchased at any U.S. Post Office. We cannot accept postal money orders from outside the U.S. Process it the same way as a bank cheque.

Merchandise ordered this way, can only be held for 30 days awaiting payment; after that the order is cancelled and you will have to re-order.