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  • Street / fashion styling suggestion for wearing A677 Microfabric Support Male Pantyhose / male tights / mantyhose / pantyhose for men with Fly (beige)
  • Street / fashion styling suggestion for wearing A677 Microfabric Support Male Pantyhose / male tights / mantyhose / pantyhose for men with Fly (beige)
  • Explainer showing product information for A677 Microfabric Support Male Pantyhose / male tights / mantyhose / pantyhose for men with Fly
  • Explainer showing product information for A677 Microfabric Support Male Pantyhose / male tights / mantyhose / pantyhose for men with Fly
  • Explainer showing product information for A677 Microfabric Support Male Pantyhose / male tights / mantyhose / pantyhose for men with Fly

A677 Microfabric Support Pantyhose with Fly

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Product Description

Microfabric™ Sheer Support Tights with Fly 

Our all-time best selling product is finally back in stock! Be sure to avoid disappointment and stock up as we expect to sell out and we really are not certain when our next order will arrive. 

This style of men's tights has a comfortable brief, sheer legs, and just the right amount of compression for casual wear or at work. The leg fabric is a little shiny because of light reflected off the two helical wrappings of nylon filaments, which are wound over the spandex yarns for added protection. As a result the fabric glides well, not only under trousers but also against itself.

The brief provides support making it perfect for guys who want defense against moisture build-up and just a little bit of control around the abdomen. The fly is not just for convenience; it means added comfort. Instead of squishing your anatomy, the upper and lower fly panel, without a sewn seam between them, forms a very comfortable pouch. You'll be astounded at the difference if you've never tried this kind of fly configuration before. This style features no crotch gusset but has a reinforced toe for added strength and durability, plus a wider waistband, which reduces the tendency to roll.

Sizes: L, XL, XXL

Colors: Beige and Black 

Contains 80% nylon and 20% spandex.

Made in EU


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Nylon Content:
Spandex Content:
Beige, Black

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  1. Even better 2nd Time. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3 Jan 2020

    Activskin A677 Beige (nude) Pantyhose; Size XL, True to my word in my previous review, I did complete a 2nd order of the A677’s, (and some A689’s) in Beige which is essentially a nude color. I had hoped to buy Tan but it was not available in this size. Tan / Suntan is the probably the most popular color, followed by Beige, then Black. [My previous order was Black]. So, the key take away is to check back often to correctly time when a new supply has come in.
    Again, the packaging and shipping time was great. When I unrolled the hose from the cardstock, the length was again very long, but my experience shows they fit perfectly (with a little extra to spare) once you put them on. The chances of a longer life and no runs is greatly improved with getting the right size. So, size up if you’re on the high end. The less you struggle with hosiery the less chance to over stretch / stress or damage them.
    If you’re not sure about your size send GLS a message. Several weeks ago, I sent Steve my specific ankle, calf, thigh OD, leg inseam, waist to floor and waist measurements. Then he made size recommendations that were spot on.
    Steve, explained that the best hosiery fit is determined by your specific leg volume, not height & weight. The other advice from Steve was to be patient. It often takes some experimentation to arrive at the brand & style that worked for each individual.
    As a quality professional that made perfect sense to me. By nature of variation some manufacturer’s designs, models, styles, fabric, weaves and composition of hose fit differently as well.
    Steve @ GLS is always helpful with excellent advice and provides excellent customer service which is very rare these days. GLS is pretty faithful about exchanging products to make sure you remain a satisfied customer.
    Back to impressions. The BIGGEST thing I noticed upon opening the package was the shine or ‘sparkle’ of these hose! I don’t recall the black hose sparkling like this? Honestly, I wasn’t prepared for the sparkle at all. This reminded me of some Christmas Sparkle Pantyhose my wife wore to a party many years ago. I freely admit to really liking the look on her way back then. And yes, dog-gone-it, I like the sparkle on me too.
    However, I’m not planning to reveal my legs at any holiday parties! But, maybe I will at next year’s Mr. Legs charity event? Anyway, if you plan on wearing A677’s with shorts be ready to be noticed for your 'sparkling personality' while out & about.
    For me, the A677’s seem to stretch with my pants more than glide under them. No matter, they still feel nice & smooth and are very comfortable. Did I mention the sparkle? On New Year’s Day I wore this beige set at home under my sweats, did some local shopping, changed the spark plugs in my son’s car, watched TV, went to bed and then went to work still wearing them.
    Plus, I’ll have at least 7500 steps walking and I still have an event to play at tonight. Then I’ll wash and wait for another day to wear them again. All the while they have pretty much stayed in place.
    This 2nd set of A677’s have been even better than the 1st! I can’t wait to wear them again. I plan to order some more A677’s yet again when the Tan color becomes available. Try ‘em, you’ll LOVE ‘em!

  2. GIVE THEM A TRY 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24 Dec 2019

    Sorry, it's so long, but it'll make sense later?
    Activskin A677 Black Pantyhose; Size XL, I am 5' 10.5", 245lbs, normal proportion legs, low waist, and a bit of a gut. Also, I wear quality diabetic ankle socks over any hose to prevent damage from shoes, to control foot moisture and to avoid any unusual attention. My job is very physical; I do a lot of walking in a climate controlled plant and need hose that is comfortable, has compression, stays in place and glides well under work pants. I have been wearing compression hose/stockings for about 4 months now, so I am still zeroing in on size and style that works for me and helps prevent my ankles from swelling. Steve @ GL has been very helpful with excellent advice regarding sizing and top shelf customer service.
    I ordered these A677’s right after Thanksgiving based on recent reviews. I also ordered A535’s and both arrived in 5 days. I received the A677’s in a nice quality package, and when I unfolded them, they looked to be way over 5 feet long. The A535’s were half sized by comparison. My initial thought was I may be swimming in these! But, read on as I was completely wrong about all my first impressions and wearing.
    I washed & air dryed the hose first, then wore to work all day a couple weeks ago. Though they say Hi-Glide on the package, I didn’t find that to be the case or definition, at least not for me. Nor do they glide against themselves like other brands I have tried. In fact, they don’t slide under the Denali Stretch travel pants, that I recently switched to from after being a exclusively blue jean wearer. The Denali (Sam’s Club) pants are much better at providing a slick inner surface, So I was surprised, the A677’s didn’t seem to glide under them even though they were nice & smooth, similar to a pair of Sheer Energy C/T.
    This first wearing of A677’s during a 10 hour shift found me pulling & adjusting every couple of hours, but they never fell down to the point of leaving one hanging. Otherwise, the A677’s were VERY comfortable, resilient, provided light support (83% / 17%), has a reinforced toe and the brief / fly was fantastic. They are also well constructed. I confess to being initially disappointed, so I washed, folded them and stored them in a double seal plastic bag until I could try them again and hoped they redeem themselves.
    Well, that redemption came yesterday, when I wore the A677’s to work again with the same style pants. What a difference! While I did tweak them a couple times during the day, they now seemed to settle into a very comfortable position and were a true pleasure to wear. In fact, other than the support for legs and male parts it was as if you were wearing nothing. The leg fabric is very smooth & comfortable, any sweat is quickly wicked away to the surface and doesn’t cling like a wet rag.
    The day started off cold outside (high 20’s) and eventually hit 60 degrees. The A677’s were warm in the morning and perfectly cool later on. At work I did my regular inspections that require a lot of up, down, squatting, bending, climbing and stretching. This time, the hose seemed to work with the pants and stretched right along. In fact, they seemed to mold perfectly to my lower body. Later I went to an eye appointment , met up with my wife, went to the ‘big store on the hill’ with my son, drove my car 90 miles and even got in 9307 steps (about 5 miles)! Then I changed into some nylon style sweats and watched TV for the evening, continuing to enjoy the A677’s!
    This 2nd time wearing was so enormously pleasurable that I wore them to bed and only took them off when I got up to shower today! The A677’s performed well and stayed in place. While I like to pull the legs up a bit further, these hose now settle in and then stay there. I’ve heard other reviewers (here & elsewhere) say that quality hose eventually mold to you and keep that memory for their useful life. The current A677’s appear as that kind of quality product. I can’t wait for them to dry and wear again. Oh BTW, my ankle wasn’t swollen after my active day either even though this is not a true compression product. BONUS! I plan to order some more A677’s in Beige or Tan if available.
    Try the A677’s, you will enjoy them. AND, they are 1/3 the price of another high end brand. [Thanks for the nice review! The first time wearing stretches all the fibers in the yarns to fit your body. After that, they do fit better. Glad you gave them a second try! - GLS]

  3. A677 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 23 Sep 2019

    Not as much compression as expected. Material is course

  4. Great fit great form function? 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 19 Sep 2019

    Glad to see you're getting back to producing some of your own products like the 677. Like the reviews have said these are very well-constructed . You now have a blueprint with your new supplier to take these to the next level with possibly some different Yarns higher spandex and possibly bring back some of your other discontinued items like the 660. The fly and the panty portion is perfect Other than lacking a little bit on the compression side these are great addition to your line keep up the great work.

  5. A677 product 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 13 Sep 2019

    Material a little rougher than expected and not as much compression as I expected . Flaw in knee but supplier replaced with no hassle.

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