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Leg Health and Circulation

Unlike conventional men's compression socks or support stockings, Activskin is designed to provide compression and support ABOVE the knee as well as below. Compression can also help reduce swelling and decrease the dangers of circulatory problems. If you currently wear or are considering wearing legwear to provide the health benefits of compression on your legs to

- improve blood circulation
- reduce leg cramps or restless leg syndrome
- reduce risk of deep vein thrombosis
- reduce varicose or spider veins

we suggest you investigate the styles below and try some of them.

Note on foot health: Wearing Activskin is much healthier than wearing shoes without socks. By keeping your feet dry you will not only be more comfortable, but you'll find your foot odor is greatly reduced. Dryness inhibits bacteria and fungus growth, promoting healthy feet.

Disclaimer: Because Activskin legwear is not a medical product, customers at risk should wear them only under the direction of a competent physician. G. Lieberman & Sons, Ltd. makes no claim that a customer’s health condition will improve by wearing its products, nor do we assume any liability for health problems that might ensue as a result of wearing our products.